Dr. Lee Returning Home To Dine At Club 33

After working 28 years at Club 33, it was so wonderful to return, but this time I was the guest!
Mickey and Pluto seemed happy to see me and I was sure happy to see them. Honestly, I miss Club 33, being there felt like home.

Dr. Lee Waiting For The Next Drink Order!

Dr. Lee Waiting For The Next Drink Order!

The Famous Dr. Lee!

The Famous Dr. Lee!

Need a bartender? Why not hire Dr. Lee for your next special event!

Holiday party, business meeting, anniversary or any special event, you need a quality bartender! Impress your guests and friends with the bartender to the stars for 28 years at Disneyland's exclusive member-only restaurant, Club 33!

Reasonable rates, dressed per request, you'll never find better.

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The Famous Dr. Lee Making Drinks

The Famous Dr. Lee Making Drinks

The Bartender Hall Of Fame is sponsored by www.bartender.com

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Disneyland Tips :

Having worked/retired from the Disneyland Resort, I have learned a few tips to make your stay a little better.

Free Commemorative Buttons...Go to City Hall on Main Street U.S.A., near the entrance, and if it is your birthday,first time or if you are celebrating something,ask the cast member there to give you a button. Now as you travel throughout the Disneyland Resort, other cast members and some guests will take note of your button.

Land by Land...When I play inside the Disneyland Resort, I plan what attractions I want to experience land by land. I usually start my day at Disneyland. Adventureland, then New Orleans Square, then Critter Country so on and so on. I try real hard not to spent my day walking from one land only to return because I forgot a attraction. I like to walk and stay fit, but I hate wasting time!!!

Wake Jose at the Tiki Room...If you arrive a few minutes early before the next show at the Tiki Room,you can ask the cast member there if your child can wake Jose to begin the show. Your child will be part of the show and given the opportunity to wake up the birds. This is always cute and fun.

Watch your Receipts...When I play at the Disneyland Resort, I always ask for my receipts after I have bought something. This is because, at the bottom of these receipts,certain stores offer discounts at certain times up to 25% off items. You never know what might be printed and what times these discounts apply.

Single Rider...While the fast pass is a great way to save time and plan your day, I have discovered a better way than the fast pass. Single Rider pass is available on a few attractions at the Disneyland Resort. Indian Jones and Splash Mountain are in Disneyland Park and Grizzly River Run,SCREAMIN and Soarin are located in Disney's California Adventure Park.Just a quick note here, check daily with City Hall about any changes. Simply walk up and ask for a single rider pass,do not stand in line. After this pass is given to you, the cast member for that attraction will show you were to stand. There is always a need for single riders.

Toy Story Parking,the Blue Bus...When I again play at the Disneyland Resort, I always like to park at the Toy Story Parking. Located near the corners of Harbor and Katilla,across the street from the Hilton on Katilla, these buses are air-conditioned/heated and are every few minutes when arriving/departing.

Eat a "Big Breakfast" before entering the Disneyland Resort...I like to have a bowl of oatmeal,honey, banana and orange juice before I play at the Disneyland Resort.
I have found, that eating a large breakfast, gives me energy through-out my stay and I can drink water and likely skip lunch all together. About 4p.m. I like to buy a nice dinner,like in Downtown Disney(Naples, pizza,yummy), Ariel's Grotto, Blue Bayou,French Market or Redd Rockett's Pizza Port.
I have enjoyed dinner at Club 33, however, my money tree isn't that big!

Fireworks at 9:30p.m....Most will agree, that the Disneyland Resort by far has the best fireworks at 9:30p.m. over Sleeping Beauty's Castle. And most will agree, that standing in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle is a great place to see this show. However, that being saided, would you like to know were I like to see this show and you can also. Stand near "it's a small world" attraction(near Micky's ToonTown entrance). Here, you still can hear "SOME" of the soundtrack, but what you will feel is the energy, noise and power of this show. It's amazing...

Hope this will help you on your next visit...Dr Lee aka

Friday, August 26, 2011

Buena Vista Street:

Disney California Adventure Park is reaching another major milestone in the on going expansion. On Monday, August 29, 2011, the Sunshine Plaza area will close to allow crews to start the transformation of the current park entry into Buena Vista Street, reminiscent of what Walt Disney encountered when he first arrived in California in the 1920's.
While the shops will close to make way for Buena Vista Street, guests will continue to enter the park through the new Pan-Pacific Auditorium-inspired turnstiles and follow a temporary walkway which will feature renderings of the future Disney California Adventure Park and connect the turnstiles with the Condor Flats area. This area will be the temporary entrance and exit for guests during the transformation of the former main entrance stores to Buena Vista Street.
This entry and exit location will remain in place until Buena Vista Street opens in 2012.

sounds great...DR LEE

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cast Members Canoe Races:

The annual Cast Canoe Races at Disneyland began in 1963 when employees, who Walt Disney calls cast members, challenged one another to a race.

Nearly 50 years later, the event has evolved into a gathering with more than 600 Disney cast members,on 72 teams rowing around the Rivers of America in canoes from Davy Crochett's Explorer Canoes.

At dawn on Wednesdays, before the park opens, 12 teams in 3 divisions competed for bragging rights and medals in front of a crowd of 250 family members and friends.

The 4 finalist teams in each division-men, women and coed- were comprised of 8 to 10 rowers per canoe. The teams started and finished at the Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes dock, one at a time, rowing the quarter-mile lap around Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. The teams were timed.

Cast members of the Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes swept the divisions, taking first in the men's,women's and coed divisions. The men's team won it's 12th title by circling the course in 4 minutes,6.72 seconds; the women finished in 4 minutes,38.09 seconds, while the coed winners won in 4 minutes, 21.20 seconds.

Teams practice before the park opens to guests.

Having worked at Club 33, I would sit and watch all this from Club 33,a birds eye view...DR LEE

Best Buy, Gadget Magic:

If you've ever gone on vacation and realized you forgot some critical gadget or cord, Best Buy aims to help you.
The next time you stroll Downtown Disney you might spot two new installations-a pair of Best Buy vending machines selling various device chargers,headphones and even iPods.
The kiosks, which have the moniker "Gadget Magic," carry a hodgepodge of goodies vacationing families might want, need or forgot at home, from the new "New Super Mario Bros." game for the Nintendo DS to every kind of iPod and various headphones, earbuds or iPhone cases. There is even a 3G moblie hotspot out of contract available through the kiosks.
The new self-service kiosks went up in June and put Downtown Disney among 150 locations where the Best Buy kiosks have been installed in the last three years, including college campuses, train stations and airports. Kiosk prices are the same as at Best Buy stores and Downtown Disney is among 22 locations in California.

just another great service item for guests while at the Disneyland Resort...DR LEE

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Disney California Adventure:

Another remnant of the original concept of Disneyland California Adventure has been removed as part of the theme park's $1-billion makeover.
The classic passenger train, on the west side of Sunshine Plaza near Condor Falls, was recently removed with the aid of a 90-ton crane.
The California Zephyr was removed overnight on August 5,2011, put on a flat bed truck and donated to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, California.
Part of California Adventure Park since the theme park opened in 2001, the train operated as an ice cream shop and a bakery. Walt Disney's love of trains made this donation a perfect fit.
While the train cars were replicas, the cab used to be an operational locomotive that was part of the famous train line that originally ran from 1949 to 1970. The train line was 2,438 miles long and ran from Chicago to Emeryville, California.
The number on the cab of the locomotive was 804-A, a nod to the last locomotive to lead a westbound California Zephyr into Oakland, California on March 20, 1970.

I love trains also, how about you????? DR LEE

side note...The Golden Gate Bridge that was at the entrance has also been removed, and those famous letters out front of the entrance to Disney California Adventure that spelled "CALIFORNIA" are now history.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Story behind Fantasyland's Crowning Jewel:

"It's a world of laughter,a world of tears,it's a world of hopes and a world of fears..." These lyrics bring to mind one of the world's best-loved Theme Park attractions-and this years's 45th anniversary celebration of Disneyland's "it's a small world" attraction is in full swing with colorful commemorative pins, brand-new books, and one very special art exhibit.

Originally, Walt Disney was approached by Pepsi to create the attraction in honor of UNICEF for the 1964 World's Fair-one of several attractions tested at the Fair and later reconstructed at Disneyland Park. Walt Disney thought it was a great idea and told the Imagineers they had apporximately six months to built it, which was a very short timeframe for the work. After several art directors took a shot at what it might look like, Walt Disney gave Mary Blair a call. Her chirldern's books from the early 1940s were perfect for this. She came out and did all the concept renderings. [Imagineer] Rolly Crump and a few other model builders were tapped to interpret her artwork into this immersive 3D world...it was very important that the set pieces looked exactly as she designed them.

Everyone on the team had a hand in this project-including her mother, Leota Toombs,aka, the Haunted Mansion's Madame Leota. Leota and Harriet Burns were very involved in building the models and Joyce Carlson was the lead on painting the dolls, toys, and fun little patterns. They used a paper-mache finish on the pieces so they looked very childlike-like a pinata. Imagineer/animator Marc Davis created many of the character vignettes, while his wife, Alice Davis,supervised the costume design and was meticulous in making sure each costume was accurate and detailed while maintaining the same quality as Mary's work.

When the attraction was rebuilt at Disneyland,it exceeded the size of its World Fair counterpart. Rolly added, expanded, and moved various scenes out of order-like the rain forest in South America. Walt Disney tasked him with designing a Rube Goldberg-style facade for the exterior (not previously in the New York World's Fair) because he [Rolly] loved making whirlgigs and mobiles. The Tower of the Four Winds(a focal point in the New York attraction)was replaced by Rolly's smiling-faced clock tower, which blended perfectly with Mary's whimsical designs.

"it's a small world" opened in Disneyland on May 28,1966, and continues to delight Guests on what Walt Disney used to call-Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort,Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris,and Hong Kong Disneyland. It's a true symbol of international unity with a positive message of peace...and that childern worldwide have so much in common. The adult appeal lies in the color palette and style of Mary's work-it's contemporary yet joyful and childlike. She has such a distinctive way of doing that.It really appeals to everyone.

Now through October 31,2011 at Disneyland Resort, guests can experience the timeless magic of Mary's work at the Disney Gallery on Main Street, U.S.A. The show features 45 pieces and includes a cross-section of Mary's art for Studio,movie shorts, and WED [Imagineering]

Those with special "small world" memories can collect the limited-edition, commemorative pin featuring the childern of the world as a spinner element(to be released at the D23 Expo, August 19,2011) and several new childern's books that include art inspired by the attraction, a song CD, and more.

Fun Facts You Might Not Know About "it's a small world"...

1...The attraction features over 300 Audio-Animatronics figures of international childern, with more than 250 toys and 80 animated props.

2...New to the attraction are 29 popular Disney and Disney-Pixar characters(as costumed dolls) in the countries or regions where their stories take place. They include: Woody and Jessie(Spirit of America), Aladdin and Jasmine(Middle East), Mulan and Mushu(Asia), Ariel and Flounder(Pacific Islands), Alice and the White Rabbit(Great Britain), Lilo and Stitch(Pacific Islands/Hawaii), and Donald Duck,Panchito,and Jose Carioca(South America).

3...Imagineers carefully integrated the newly added characters to reflect the same bold,childlike designs of Mary Blair, the art director responsible for designing the look and feel of the original attraction.

4...To reflect the lyrics"There is just one moon and one golden sun", Imagineers designed a stylized sun or moon within each country's scene.

5...The Sherman Brothers' hit song was originally written as a slow ballad-until Walt Disney insisted they speed it up and make it "pepper."

so true, "it's Really a small world after all" ...DR LEE

Friday, August 19, 2011

A taste of Hawai`i:

Tropical fruit, fresh seafood and delicious frozen drinks-if that's your vision of island bliss, then Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, is sure to tingle your taste buds.

Whether you prefer upscale beachside dining, quick-service choices or character dining in the buffet, Aulani offers something to please every palate.

Makahiki...will bring the story of the islands` annual harvest festival to life. Families can dine buffet-style withy beloved Disney characters visiting them right at their table. And, similar to the Enchanted Garden restaurant on the Disney Dream cruise ship, the interior of Makahiki will transition from day to night with the help of a little lighting and some Disney magic.

'AMA'AMA...overlooks the sparkling waters and white sand beaches of a protected lagoon. Named after a local mullet fish, 'AMA'AMA will feature locally harvested seafood.

The 'Olelo Room...is all about ka `oledo Hawai`i-the Hawaiian language. To encourage conversation, everything in this lounge is labeled with its Hawaiian term. For example, want to learn the Hawaiian word for floor? Just look down and you'll see "papahele."

'Ahi Poke...

Contemporary Island Cooking
Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa


1 cup soy sauce

2 tablespoons freshly grated ginger

2 tablespoons sesame oil

2 tablespoons yuzu juice

Juice of one lime

1 tablespoon finely minced garlic

1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds, plus additional for garnish

1 tablespoon rice vinegar

1 teaspoon wasabi powder

1/8 teaspoon sugar

2 pounds fresh sushi-grade tuna,cubed

Freshly ground black peper, to taste

Favorite prepared seaweed salad, for serving


1...Whisk together soy sauce,garlic,sesame oil, yuzu juice,lime juice,garlic,sesame seeds, vinegar,wasabi powder, and sugar in a large bowl.

2...Add tuna to mixture and toss to coat. Season with pepper,to taste. Refrigerate 5 to 10 minutes.

3...Place a bit of seaweed salad in the bottom of a small dish. Top with tuna and garnish with toasted sesame seeds.

4...Chef's note...Yuza is a sour Japanese citrus fruit you can purchase in some supermarkets and in Asian grocery stores. If you can't find it, substitute 1 tablespoon lime juice and 1 tablespoon orange juice.

sounds wonderful...DR LEE

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room opens at Disneyland Park:

"Let's all sing like the birdies sing!"
Who can resist the guilty pleasure of singing along with the hosts of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room: Jose, Fritz, Pierre and Michael (even if it's quietly so no one can hear you). Walt's celebration of Polynesian culture features a menagerie of about 150 singing, talking and dancing birds, flowers, tiki gods, drummers and a magical fountain. This attraction opened on June 23, 1963, and was the first to feature the now-famous technology of Audio-Animatronics figures, bringing the talented entertainers of the attraction to life in a way never before seen.

Trivia: Dole Whip is a refreshing pineapple treat served outside the Enchanted Tiki Room at the Tiki Juice Bar. The treat is also served at Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort and on one island in Hawai`i. On which island can you fing Dole Whip???

Love Hawai`i, been there six times...DR LEE

ANSWER...Dole Whip is also served at the Dole Plantation on O`ahu, just a 30-minute scenic drive from Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taste of Disney:

Portobello Mushroom Flatbread Pizza;

Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta:
Disneyland California Adventure Park-Paradise Pier

From lemon-oregano chicken kabobs to five-cheese ravioli, there is no shortage of delicious menu items at the new restaurants at Paradise Pier. Here is one of the most popular dishes at Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta:

1... one (6x11 inch) flatbread

2...1/2 cup grated mozzarella chesse

3...Handful fresh spinach leaves

4...one Portobello mushroom, thinly sliced

5...two or three marinated artichoke hearts, drained and sliced

6...two Tbsp. prepared basil pesto


1...Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place crust on a lightly greased baking sheet.

2...Spread marinara evenly on crust. Sprinkle cheese over marinara. Top with spinach, mushroom and artichokes.

3...Bake 15 to 20 minutes, or until cheese is bubbly and edges are golden brown.

4...Dollop with pesto before serving.

sounds great,lunch/dinner served...DR LEE

Saturday, August 6, 2011

'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' sails to billion-dollar mark:

Walt Disney Pictures/Jerry Bruckheimer Films' "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" crossed the $1 billion mark in global box office tickets sales on July 2,2011, making it the 8th film in history to reach this threshold. This is The Walt Disney Studio's 4th title to earn a place in this exclusive list, with no other studio achieving more than one. Five of the 10 biggest films of all time are now from The Walt Disney Studios.

great movie...DR LEE

Friday, August 5, 2011

Keep our animal guests healthy and happy:

Treat our visiting ducks, cats, squirrels and other animal guests with the same world-class service as our human guests. To keep them healthy and happy, please avoid giving them food, picking them up or approaching them. Designated feeding stations have been set up with healthy food for the animals, and they are each receiving veternarian checkups, vaccinations, and spay/neuter procedures. By not feeding the animals additional food, you can do your part to protect our furry and feathered friends.

Rivers of America is a great place to see many of these "guests."...DR LEE

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The sweet scent of new Orleans:

Can you smell something sweet in the air in New Orleans Square? No, it's not the Monte Cristo sandwiches or the mint juleps. That fragrant aroma is wafting from the recently opened Mlle.Antoinette's Parfumerie. The store is filled with fragrances for men and women from many of today's top designers, including Givenchy, Guerlain, Christian Dior, Acqua di Parma and Emilio Pucci. Three scents are Disney-exclusive and can only be found at Disney parks.

What's old is new again:

The store may be new, but its history dates back to the opening of New Orleans Square. When the store first opened in 1966-under the same name-guests were able to create their own unique scents in a glass bottle with the shop's name on it. The store closed in 1996 and became Jewel of Orleans, an estate jewelry shop.
Many of the original fixtures are still in place, including a grand chandelier that was discovered by Lillian Disney, Walt Disney's wife. during one of her antique shopping excursions. The mirrors behind the counter are the original mirrors that were hand painted by Disney Legend Dorothea Redmond. The images of birds and flowers were reverse painted, a technique in which the design is painted onto the back of the glass and affixed to the mirror.

remember looking from Club 33 and seeing so many nice things inside this shop...DR LEE

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ImagiNations; Dream, Design,Diversify...

Future Imagineers in the making...

Walt Disney Imagineering's 2011 ImagiNations Design has come to a close. Now in it's 20th year, ImagiNations provides a showcase for students with a talent for integrating innovative and diverse ideas combined with a passion for Disney. Selected from schools and institutions throughout the United States, participants use their technical, artistic and creative skills to propose a Disney attraction,resort hotel, restaurant or entirely new experience or product. Top honors were announced June 17,2011 with $3,000 awarded to first-place winners from the University of Southern California for their jungle-themed thrill attraction. Second place went to North Carolina State University students for their interactive concert attraction, and third place to San Diego State University students for their haunted-mine themed attraction. Several finalists have accepted summer internships at WDI,where they will work alongside Imagineers.

so much future talent...DR LEE

Thought of the day:

"Reflect on your present blessings,of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some."

Charles Dickens, English Novelist

interesting...DR LEE

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wilderness Explorer Camp:

Disney California Adventure Park welcomes new friends to the neighborhood this summer. Russell,the aspiring Wilderness Explorer, and Dug, the talkative golden retriever from the Disney/Pixar animated feature "Up," are welcoming guests to the new Wilderness Explorer Camp at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. As guests enter the trail they will have an opportunity to meet Dug. Kids will be given a map and can earn Widerness Explorer Badges by completing a series of activities. A Wilderness Explorer Guide will lead a special ceremony in the Ahwahnee Camp Circle with Russell, in which young guests engage in activities, allowing them to become official Senior Wilderness Explorers.

sounds fun...DR LEE