Dr. Lee Returning Home To Dine At Club 33

After working 28 years at Club 33, it was so wonderful to return, but this time I was the guest!
Mickey and Pluto seemed happy to see me and I was sure happy to see them. Honestly, I miss Club 33, being there felt like home.

Dr. Lee Waiting For The Next Drink Order!

Dr. Lee Waiting For The Next Drink Order!

The Famous Dr. Lee!

The Famous Dr. Lee!

Need a bartender? Why not hire Dr. Lee for your next special event!

Holiday party, business meeting, anniversary or any special event, you need a quality bartender! Impress your guests and friends with the bartender to the stars for 28 years at Disneyland's exclusive member-only restaurant, Club 33!

Reasonable rates, dressed per request, you'll never find better.

E-Mail at
lnlshow@aol.com or call (951)213-1820

The Famous Dr. Lee Making Drinks

The Famous Dr. Lee Making Drinks

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hosting a Green Party...

While many over-in-dulge at holiday parties, perhaps you can take a wiser approach and " under-in-dulge"... at least when it comes to "green" hosting and taking care of the planet as well as your guests.
So, how do you host a party and- in the spirit of winter-keep the festivities evergreen? Follow these few tips...

Use the fancy china... Avoid disposable tableware. Serve with real plates, silverware and cloth napkins. Load up the dishwasher at the end of the night rather than loading up the landfill. If you don't have enough plates, host a potluck and have friends sign up to bring their own dishes.

Toast the night away... For beverages, use stemware that can be cleaned at the end of the night. Save money by placing water or other drinks in pitchers versus purchasing bottled beverages. Add sliced citrus or other fruits to flavor water.

Don't forget to RSVP... Ask guests to RSVP. This way you can plan portions to ensure adequate cuisine without being wasteful. Become a "locavore"(person who eats food grown or produced locally) and visit the farmers market in your area to save gas from driving store to store.
Encourage guests to take home leftovers on the plates the brought- did you really want to do their dishes anyway?

Sending the Greenest Gift of All... Good things come in small packages, especially when they aren't wrapped. When mailing items, consider gift cards, movie vouchers, or restaurant certificates. These are great alternatives to packaged and wrapped holiday presents and most can be purchased online to avoid the stress of store shopping. Additionally, this saves the recipient from creating fuel emissions by driving to pick up their gifts. Also, consider an e-gift, redeemable online such as donating funds in someone's name for their favorite cause or a music download service like iTune.


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