Dr. Lee Returning Home To Dine At Club 33

After working 28 years at Club 33, it was so wonderful to return, but this time I was the guest!
Mickey and Pluto seemed happy to see me and I was sure happy to see them. Honestly, I miss Club 33, being there felt like home.

Dr. Lee Waiting For The Next Drink Order!

Dr. Lee Waiting For The Next Drink Order!

The Famous Dr. Lee!

The Famous Dr. Lee!

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The Famous Dr. Lee Making Drinks

The Famous Dr. Lee Making Drinks

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Windows on Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland Park: Chuck Boyajian

 "When I started on Disneyland, my wife used to say, 'But why do you want to build an amusement park? They're so dirty. 'I told her that was just the point-mine wouldn't be."- Walt Disney

Walt Disney was committed to making Disneyland stand apart from other amusements enterprises, and as a result, Disney Parks are known not only for providing safe, quality family entertainment, but they are also the cleanest parks in the world. In 1955, Walt personally chose Charles "Chuck" Boyajian to lead the janitorial team, and charged him with the somewhat daunting task of keeping his Magic Kingdom "as clean as you can keep it."

 Chuck was originally a foreman for American Building Maintenance (ABM), the company Walt contracted to clean the park. Walt soon realized that he needed his own staff  in order to achieve his vision of hospitality that included superior cleanliness. After hiring Chuck, Walt spent a great deal of time mentoring him so that Chuck understood exactly what he wanted. Walt explained that it was not just about cleaning, it was about providing a great guest experience. He taught Chuck about the quality of service provided on a luxury ocean liner or at a top notch hotel-and that was the experience he wanted for his guests at Disneyland. Walt wanted sparkling restrooms, no visible trash and clean facilities-all to be delivered by helpful and friendly custodians.

As the very first manager of what is now called Custodial Guest Services, Chuck spent 25 years establishing a reputation of cleanliness and efficiency that never been seen beforwe in an outdoor entertainment venue. From the beginning, Chuck was innovative in his approach to cleaning the grounds and structures of Disneyland. Specifically, he had the challenge of keeping Disneyland clean while guests were present. This meant never closing restrooms or allowing the function of cleaning to detract from the guest experience. The concept of cleaning throughout the day was a departure from industry standards of the 1950's, as it was customary for faclities to be cleaned only after closing.

Chuch trained a "Disney Dynasty" of Custodial host and hostesses, who are proud to say decades later that they are members of "The Team that Chuck Built." Like Walt, Chuck believed that "cleanliness breeds cleanliness," and working with longtime friends and creative colleagues such as Tom Roppa, Roy Young, Ray Sidejas,Wayne Culver, and Mike Sweeney, Chuck and his team were able to achieve Walt's vision of maintaining the cleanest parks in the world. Chuck once commented on his team stating, "The men and women of our Custodial operations have set the industry standards for cleanliness. The pride of our cast members is unsurpassed."

Chuck also brought his expertise to the establishment of the custodial functions for the opening of Walt Disney World Resort in 1971, and for Tokyo Disneyland in 1983. When a nervous new cast member sweeper once asked for guidance, Chuck replied, "How spic do I want the area? Well, I"ll tell you, son. No less than span!"

Chuck retired in 1981, however, he remains a legend among his professional successors, who continue the traditions established by Chuck at Disneyland more than 50 years ago. to this day, almost 58 years after the opening of Disneyland, only four individuals, including Chuck, have had the great responsibility and honor of leading the custodial operation. Chuck received a window on Main Street, U.S.A.,in 1981. The window, which is located above the Market House, is aptly inscribed: Royal Care Co."We Keep Your Castle Shining," Chuck Boyajian, Prop.

Chuck passed away on August 1,2004. He was named a Disney Legend in 2005.

amazing cast member...Dr Lee

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